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A brief history of the ICB Banking Group

ICB Financial Group Holdings AG an investment holding company incorporated in Schindellegi, Switzerland in 2003.

The ICB Banking Group established and acquired commercial banks in Africa, Asia and Europe since the establishment of its first Bank in 1994. Each operating bank is incorporated as a local banking entity in its host country with a head office, branches and electronic banking services that provide a full range of commercial and retail banking to customers. The banks are governed by a Board of Directors comprising of independent and non-independent Directors. Management is headed by a Chief Executive Officer. The Banks are in full compliance with the regulatory requirements established by their respective central banks.

By 2007 the Group had grown significantly with ownership of over 15 Banks, 200 branches and a staff strength exceeding 3000. On 17 May 2007, ICB Financial Group Holdings AG was listed on the London Stock Exchange ( AIM).

In 2012 the shareholders decided to pursue a voluntary delisting from the stock exchange to further their intention to retire from Banking and divest the Banks within the group. This policy has been ongoing and ICB Financial Group Holdings AG has progressively divested its interest in several of its operating banks.

Our Banks

ICB retains a controlling interest in the following commercial Banks:

  • International Commercial Bank (Tanzania) Ltd
  • ICB Islamic Bank Ltd, Bangladesh
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